Architectural Review

Design Standards and Application
Please review the Architectural Design Guidelines and the Design Review Application before submitting your application.  Applications must be submitted and reviewed before work on your project may begin.
Submit your plans to the Architectural Review Committee.
Homeowners must obtain prior written approval from The Architectural Review Committee for any exterior alteration or addition to the property. This includes any changes to the home's exterior, including paint colors (even if using the existing colors), light fixtures, front doors, plant installation or removal, and remodels or additions.
Architectural Design Guidelines are established in the CC&Rs to help ensure structures and properties complement the surrounding environment and preserve the unique beauty of our neighborhood.
Submitting Plans for Review
Please complete the necessary paperwork and submit the request using the HOA AppFolio portal/App by clicking "compliance" on the left-hand menu.  
The Committee does not require plans to be completed by a professional architect for every project; however, plans must include all applicable information and be easy to understand. Inaccurate or poor-quality plans can result in multiple submittals, causing project delays.
*Paint color schemes can be found on the Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams websites.  Please see below.